Quality policy

The Management of Delta Electronics (Slovakia), s.r.o. which focuses on sales, production, customer service and repair of electrotechnical products declares and commits to following quality policy:

Our interest is:
  • - increase customer satisfaction by consistently fulfilling and
  •   exceeding our customers’ requirements in products,
  •   production quality and management of service is for us challenge
  • - by suitable selection of our employees and their regular training, secure adequate level of knowledge
  •   for the performance of particular functions and activities.
  • - build-up close, long-term cooperation with our key suppliers of raw material and services.
  • - increase the company’s efficiency by establishing, monitoring and analyzing
  • - key performance indicators (KPI), which form are the basis of our strategic objectives.
  • - secure the resources for both, the continuous improvement of the process oriented IMS, and
  •   the observation of all applicable laws, legislation and other requirements.
  • - conformity of manufactured instruments to the legal requirements and the EU-type examination
  •   certificate.

We commit:

  • - to satisfy all applicable requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of the quality management
  •   system